Ten Pasco School Board Candidates Talk about Contentious Attendance Zones

August 22, 2018
Jeff Solochek

Challenger Meghan Hamer said she also liked the idea of allowing students to finish in their schools before rezoning.

She said the board needed to listen more closely to community input, as well.

Student voices are key, Hamer said. "We under-value their opinion. Do they want to stay at their school?"

The board should take that into consideration, she said.

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Attendance Zones Key Issue in Pasco District 3 School Board Race

August 9, 2018
Jeffery S. Solochek

Hamer got involved because of her friend’s concern. But she said she’s wanted to run for a school board since she was 18.

She’s studied youth ministry, and has worked with foster children and homeless teens.

"I feel the school board is a way to help a lot of students," Hamer said. "I think I’m the best person for the job. I’m the closest in age to our students."

Hamer said she will treat the position as a full-time job, saying it deserves 60-hour-per-week attention.

She called on the district to find more ways to cut spending outside the classroom. She wasn’t fully receptive to a tax referendum, saying "nobody wants to pay more in taxes."

Hamer supported a proposal to let students finish the schools where they begin, and agreed the board needs to be more receptive to the public.

Circling back to her friend’s complaint, Hamer said she also wants to have more bullying incidents face mandatory discipline.

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