CRC Propositions

2018 has something that only happens once every twenty years in Florida, The Constitution Revision Commission has convened and they have some ideas of things that need to change in Florida. I want to take a few moments to share my thoughts on three of the suggestions that they have brought forth.

Proposition 43: This proposition would, “Mandate term limits for local school board members rather than letting voters in the school districts decide how long a member can serve their community.” {West Central Florida Labor Council, AFL-CIO}

I have mixed thoughts on this because throughout Florida we have other positions that have term limits, such as our state legislator. Yet, when I reflect on the poor decisions made this term, I wonder if they had more experience, would things have gone differently? I believe that the school board member and the local community need to decide what is best for them.

Proposition 45: This proposition could, “Give tax dollars to private schools through school vouchers including religious schools - creating a system of publicly funded education separate from our free public schools.” {West Central Florida Labor Council, AFL-CIO}

I went to Catholic school for the first 5 years of my education. My parents paid the tuition, the uniforms and other costs associated with it. My having a Catholic education was important to them and many days, unbeknownst to me at the time, they went without things that they needed so that I could have this education. My father took on odd painting jobs at the school in the summer and at night to take off some of the cost of tuition. When someone wants their child educated somewhere other than public school, the responsibility for the parent to provide the funds ought to be on the parent.

Proposition 71: This proposition suggests, “Take sole control of charter schools away from local school boards and allow decisions about local education needs to be made at the state level.” {West Central Florida Labor Council, AFL-CIO}

While I am not a fan of charter schools, we do have them in Pasco County, and we need local regulators and people to ensure that all of our students are receiving a quality education that is at the same standards of the public schools that are funding them. When I am your school board member I will be lobbying the Florida Legislature to require charter schools to meet and succeed the standards that the public schools must reach. We should not allow our charter schools to play with our money but not be required to follow the same rules.

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