Bilirakas And The NRA

Yesterday I was able to observe a special school board workshop that involved Congressman Gus Bilirakas. The Congressman was asking questions, including what person was responsible for monitoring the social media accounts for all students in Pasco County Schools.

He is going to take the school boards request for more funding for counselors and School Resource Officers back to Washington, and make it happen. He said that we definitely need more resources to make sure all of our schools are safe.

During the Congressman’s closing remarks he said the following about school shootings and safety “It is more important than politics and is all about our kids safety.” As he was leaving the room, I asked him, “As you said that our students lives are more important than politics will you give back your $16,450 of NRA campaign contributions?” His response, “I haven’t gotten that this cycle.”

No, he may not have received that this cycle, but he has received $16,450 both directly and indirectly according to ResistBot. He needs to own up to that and repaying it is not outside the scope of possibility.

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